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Static sites are great

May 15th, 20172 mins read
javascript, static-sites

The case for the static site generator More and more developers are jumping on the "go static train", and rightfully so. Static pages are fast, lightweight, they scale well. They are more secure, and simple to maintain and they allow you to focus all your time and effort on the user interface. Often… Read more

Hello world

May 14th, 20172 mins read

These is your very first content with Contentful, pulled in JSON format using the Content Delivery API. Content and presentation are now decoupled, allowing you to focus your efforts in building the perfect app. Your first steps Building with Contentful is easy. First take a moment to get the basics… Read more

Automate with webhooks

May 11th, 20171 min read

What are webhooks? The webhooks are used to notify you when content has been changed. Specify a URL, configure your webhook, and we will send an HTTP POST request whenever something happens to your content. How do I configure a webhook? Go to Settings → Webhooks from the navigation bar at the top… Read more